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Is this landscape curbing a new product?
Extruded concrete has been around in excess of 20 years, with a proven tract record at preventing sod from entering your flowerbeds. Best of all, you do not have weeds growing in-between this edging since it is all one continuous curb.

Can my landscaper install this landscape curbing?
Most Landscapers do not. Special machinery is needed to install curbing.

Are you limited to a design layout, such as with Timbers?
Concrete curbing is ideal for Alabama hills and mountains. A small concrete extruding machine, very easily maneuvered on most terrains, provides the design flexibility needed for your specific lawn type. It extrudes curves, circles, and straight lines continuously.

How effective is this Concrete Curb in keeping out grass?
Since concrete curbing is seamless, there are no gaps for weeds or grass to grow between. The curb is 6" wide by 4" high on the backside that slopes down to 2" on front The curb dimensions insure stability. Grass and weeds cannot penetrate. Your costs and effort at curbing or edging with wood timbers, metal, plastic, or brick eventually fail due to rot, rust, warping, breaking, or just plain not staying in place. Worst yet, you are still fighting the grass overflow and weeds. Concrete Curbing is unsurpassed by all other methods of edging. It stays where you put it!

Does this process damage my lawn or flowerbeds?
Absolutely not! In fact, we recommend you have your sod, flowerbeds, and sprinkler system completed prior to our arrival. It is easier to accomplish that flow you are searching for. Once the design has been determined, we bring in a special power trencher that removes the top layer of grass and is 8" wide. The trenching provides a flat, below ground level surface into which the curb can be placed.

Sounds good, but can anyone truly afford this?
If you can afford other means of edging, you can definitely afford this. Our prices are very compatible with materials and labor of other edging products. The only difference is ours is beautiful, warranted and there to stay.

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