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Please let me take this page to explain curbing and a few of the benefits it offers


Alabama Landscape Curbin' is independently owned and operated by Buenaventura (Vinny) Melchor of Athens, AL. This product is a continuously extruded concrete border with no seams or joints. The most popular style is the "slant" mold, which is 6" wide and 4" high on the backside that slopes down to 2" in the front. This is wide enough to keep grass out and high enough to keep mulch in. We offer 30 different colors. These colors are mixed into the cement, not just painted or stained on the outer edge. You can choose from different designs and stamps to compliment your border. Because of the durability of concrete your border and colors will look new and last for many, many years. No wood, plastic or brick edging can make that claim. The design flexibility allows curves, turns and contours for the layout of your landscape. We are experienced in providing a superior quality product, backed by a "one-year guarantee" for the up-most customer satisfaction.

Alabama Landscape Curbin is fully licensed, insured and Vinny is personally on each job. Check out the Photo Gallery or print out our reference directions to see firsthand the beauty and designs of some of our completed job sites.

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